Daines Introduces Bill to Ban Oil & Natural Gas Imports from Iran & Venezuela

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines introduced a bill to prohibit the United States from importing Iranian and Venezuelan crude oil, petroleum, petroleum products, and liquefied natural gas. This follows Daines’ push to ban Russian oil imports.

“Banning Russian oil imports is important, but it’s not enough,” Daines said. “We need to increase American energy development and support our allies, not run to foreign dictators in Venezuela and adversaries like Iran.” 

To read the bill text, click HERE.


On March 3, 2022, Daines cosponsored a bipartisan bill to prohibit Russian crude oil, petroleum, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas and coal imports to help cut off Putin’s war chest.



 Contact: Rachel Dumke,  Katie Schoettler