Daines, Senate Colleagues Fight for Pregnant Moms to Receive Tax Relief

U.S. Senate — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today, joined by several of his Senate colleagues, reintroduced the “Child Tax Credit for Pregnant Moms Act,” which allows pregnant moms to claim the Child Tax Credit for their unborn children.

“Expecting parents begin providing and preparing for their child the minute they learn they’re having a baby—the Child Tax Credit should reflect the fact that unborn children are children too,” Daines said. “From prenatal care to stocking up on baby supplies, this tax relief will help parents prepare for the arrival of their baby.”

“Learning you’re bringing a baby into the world sets off a flurry of preparations.  I think it makes sense to extend the Child Tax Credit for working families who are expecting children, to help them cover the significant costs associated with welcoming a baby into the family,” Hyde-Smith said.

“Life begins long before a child is born,” Rubio said. “This legislation would extend the Child Tax Credit for working families to expectant mothers, providing vital tax relief to new parents and ensuring that unborn children are rightly included in working families’ credit calculation. Life and family are the very foundation of our society, which is why I am proud to support this effort.”

“Every life is precious and sacred, and each life begins before birth. Our bill provides a tax credit for expectant mothers to help offset the costs associated with bringing a child into this world. This allows families to start off with their best foot forward because we know providing for these babies begins the second a mother learns she’s expecting,” said Cramer. 

“Mothers and their children should be supported and treated with dignity and respect—before and after a child’s birth,”Inhofe said. “That’s why I am glad to introduce legislation alongside Sen. Daines that would allow pregnant mothers to claim the Child Tax Credit for their unborn babies. It is my inherent belief that all life has value and I will continue to fight to give mothers and their children the support they need.” 

“A mom with a baby in her womb and a mom with a baby in her arms are both moms who deserve to be treated as such under our laws and policies,” said Lankford. “Federal benefits available to moms should be available to all moms. I’m glad to join Senator Daines and our colleagues to ensure the federal government treats all moms the same, no matter how small or young her baby is.” 

“The lifelong journey of loving and nurturing a child begins the moment a mother finds out she is expecting. Our bill acknowledges that preparing to raise a child starts before the baby is born by allowing parents to claim their unborn children under the Child Tax Credit,” Fischer said. This pro-life bill will provide critical relief for families and their babies.” 

“A mom and dad have already been parenting for nine months before their child is born. In order to best help parents prepare to provide for their family, the Child Tax Credit should reflect that,” Hawley said.

“The Child Tax Credit supports families through the increased costs of raising children. It is a societal statement recognizing the value that children and parents bring to our country, and parenthood begins long before birth. Utah recognizes the value of families more than anywhere else. I am honored to support this tax credit expansion and to include expectant mothers whose children are not yet born. This bill will help protect life, support parents, and reduce the number of children born into poverty,” Lee said. 

“This is really simple: being pro-life means being pro-baby and pro-mom. Moms deserve support and babies deserve protection,” Sasse said. “This bill is a simple way to do just that.” 

“With one of the highest birth rates in the country, my home state of Utah has a lot of families who know that financial pressures don’t wait for a new baby to arrive,” Romney said. “I’m proud to support this effort to allow pregnant moms to claim the Child Tax Credit for their unborn children, which will help alleviate some of the costs for families through pregnancy and in the first months of their child’s life.”

This bill builds on the Child Tax Credit provisions included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by supporting families and pregnant mothers with the many costs that come with carrying a baby, as well as planning for the care of a newborn baby.

Read the bill text HERE.

The bill is cosponsored by Senators Kevin Cramer (N.D.), Ben Sasse (Neb.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), John Boozman (Ark.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (Miss.), Jim Inhofe (Okla.), James Lankford (Okla.), Mike Lee (Utah), Mitt Romney (Utah), Josh Hawley (Mo.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). 

The companion bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representatives Jason Smith (Mo.) and Doug Lamborn (Co.).


Daines introduced this bill in the 115th and 116th Congresses.



Contact: Rachel Dumke, Katie Schoettler