Guest view: Working Montanans can’t afford ‘Build Back Broke’ plan

Montana families across the state are feeling the pain in their pocketbooks from inflation and higher prices on everything from gas to groceries to heating their homes. What’s causing this? President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ wasteful spending problems, and their multitrillion-dollar reckless tax and spending spree bill will only make matters worse.

Last week, inflation hit a nearly 40-year high, backing estimates that families will spend an extra $4,600 more this year alone. In fact, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Montana faces one of the highest inflation rates in the country.

This year, Montanans will pay around 20.9% more for beef, 8% more for eggs and 31.4% more for used cars than last year. It costs roughly $30 more for Montanans to fill up their pickups, and most will pay nearly 50% more to heat their homes this winter.

This holiday season will put an even larger dent in Montanans’ wallets than ever before. It will cost Montana families up to 10.7% more to put a Christmas ham on the table.

As prices on everyday items continue to rise, Montanans’ paychecks continue to shrink. Sadly, President Biden and Congressional Democrats are only adding fuel to this inflation dumpster fire.

While Montanans are budgeting their weekly shopping lists, President Biden and the Democrats are working around the clock to pass their reckless, multitrillion-dollar liberal wish list through Congress.

The President has repeatedly claimed his tax and spending proposal is fully paid for — that’s simply false.

Last week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office stated the true cost of this bill is nearly five trillion dollars, and will add three trillion dollars to the national debt. And while Biden may think he’s successfully misleading Montanans, I know they see right through him. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan should actually be called “Build Back Broke.”

Biden is also trying to claim his tax and spending bill will reduce inflation —i t won’t. Even the Washington Post fact-checked Biden’s claim that several  economists said it would. In fact, they found that some of the economists didn’t even know what’s in the bill and couldn’t confirm if it would reduce inflation.

This is unacceptable. Washington Democrats and liberal elites need to stop lying to the people of Montana about what’s in this reckless proposal and what it means for their livelihoods.

Folks living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford to fund the Democrats’ far-Left wish list, especially when they’re already facing massive price increases on everyday necessities.

Congress should be doing all it can to support hardworking Montana families. That does not include raising their taxes or launching a cash cannon of borrowed money, exacerbating the inflation crisis.

All 50 Senate Republicans are united in voting against President Biden’s wasteful spending bill. It would only take one Senate Democrat to help put a stop to it. I can think of one, and he’s the senior senator from Montana.

As your voice in the United States Senate, I’ll continue working against Biden and the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree and work to support Montana small businesses, workers and families.