Daines Statement on Democrats’ Proposed House Congressional Districts for New Montana Seats

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today issued the following statement after the proposed maps for Montana’s new U.S. House of Representatives seats were released.

 “The maps proposed by the Democrat Commissioners are highly partisan and do not remotely reflect the fair ‘east/west’ districts that for 70 years, always included Lincoln and Flathead Counties in the western district. Without a single proposal that even maintains this basic measure, the Democrats have created congressional districts that are egregious and reckless on their face in an attempt to gerrymander and benefit one political party,” Daines said.


Lincoln and Flathead Counties are the two most western counties in Montana.

Pat Williams (D), the last living representative to serve in a two-district Montana, stated that the line should be drawn north to south, recognizing the political preferences of the eastern and western regions of the state.

Daines issued a statement when it was announced that Montana would regain a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

Montana lost its second seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1990 census. 


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