Daines Continues Fight to Prevent & End Government Shutdowns for Good

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines reintroduced legislation to put an end to government shutdowns. The “Prevent Government Shutdowns Act of 2021,” would automatically fund the government for 14 days if funding has not been enacted on time, and it would require Congress to stay in town until it does its job.

“It’s not rocket science–Congress needs to do its job and fund the government,” Daines said. “Shutdowns don’t work. They waste taxpayer dollars, place undue burdens on federal employees and leave the U.S. more vulnerable to adversaries. Hardworking Montanans shouldn’t pay the price of Washington D.C.’s failures. We must put an end to reckless government shutdowns for good.”


Daines introduced a previous version of the “End Government Shutdowns Act” in January 2019. 


Contact: Katherine McKeoghKatie Schoettler