Daines Issues Statement on Conclusion of Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Following Meeting with MT Veterans

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today met with Montana veterans, including several who served in Afghanistan. As the meeting wrapped, it was announced that President Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan came to an end with the last U.S. flight leaving the country.

“Today, I had the honor to sit down with several Montana veterans, including many who fought in Afghanistan, to hear their thoughts on President Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan—they are outraged and ashamed,” Daines said. “At the same time our meeting wrapped, America’s last flight left Afghanistan, even though we still don’t know the total number of Americans trapped behind enemy lines—it’s unforgivable. The American people, our troops and all of our veterans, especially those who fought in Afghanistan to defend our homeland and make the world a safer place, deserve better. I will do everything I can to hold President Biden accountable.”


Download TV elements from Daines’ roundtable meeting with veterans HERE

Daines heard from veterans who shared stories from their time serving in Afghanistan. During the meeting, Daines thanked the Montana veterans for their service and sacrifice. He made clear that bad policy decisions of the Biden administration do not diminish the years of service and sacrifice these Montana heroes spent defending America.


On August 26, Daines released a statement on the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of several U.S. service members and the news that the Biden administration gave the names of Americans and Afghan allies to the Taliban.

Last week, Daines issued a statement in response to President Biden’s failed leadership in Afghanistan and the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Daines demanded accountability and action from President Biden over the reckless loss of more than $80 billion in military equipment and weaponry in Afghanistan, which has already been confiscated by the Taliban because of the President’s disastrous withdrawal. 


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