Daines Statement on House Democrats’ Passage of Plan for Trillions in Reckless Tax and Spending

U.S. SENATE —U.S. Senator Steve Daines released the following statement after the United States House of Representatives voted to pass the $4 trillion budget resolution with a commitment to vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure package next month. 

“We knew all along Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats would prioritize their far-Left agenda over the needs of the American people. The Democrats had always planned to force their liberal wish-list of social policies through Congress with or without the support of Republicans. It is astonishing that as Montanans are already facing skyrocketing prices and soaring inflation, Democrats believe the best solution is to grow the government, spend more money we don’t have and impose taxes on hardworking Montanans. Montana families, workers, small businesses, farmers and ranchers will have to bear the burden from Pelosi and the Democrats’ irresponsible policies—we cannot let this continue to happen,” 
Daines said.

Earlier this month, Daines voted against a massive spending package that would increase the national debt by $256 billion and against the Democrats’ $4 trillion tax and spending bill that would radically expand the federal government, increase taxes for Montana families and businesses and put a massive amount of debt on the backs of Montanans.


Contact: Katherine McKeoghKatie Schoettler