Daines Slams Reports of Biden Undermining U.S. National Security & Halting Nuclear Modernization

U.S. SENATE — After reports that the Biden administration is caving to far-Left demands and plans to delay the modernization of America’s nuclear weapons, U.S. Senator Steve Daines urged President Biden to reverse this decision and highlighted the threat this would pose to national security.

“I write regarding recent reports that your Administration has directed the Pentagon to halt its ongoing efforts to replenish our strategic nuclear arsenal and instead await the findings of a months-long, independent study under the guise of saving taxpayer dollars.  This policy reversal contradicts the advice of your own experts and duplicates research already conducted by the Air Force, all while weakening our national security posture.  I urge you to rescind this misguided directive,” Daines wrote.

Read the letter HERE.

It is being reported that the Biden administration has directed the Pentagon to conduct a lengthy independent review to assess the viability of extending the life of the Minuteman III, which was originally designed for a 10-year service life and is now entering its sixth decade of service.


Contact: Katherine McKeoghKatie Schoettler