Daines Leads Senate Hearing on State of National Parks

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines led his first hearing of the year as the lead Republican of the National Parks Subcommittee, where he examined the state of the National Park System, including park readiness as they reopen for the busy summer season. 

Click HERE to watch and download the Senator’s opening remarks. Download TV elements HERE.

At the hearing, Daines raised the issue of challenges national parks face in upgrading and providing needed housing to hire and recruit top tier employees, as well as the lack of housing in gateway communities that are landlocked by federal land. Click HERE to watch and download the Senator’s remarks.

Daines then asked famous documentarian Ken Burns how lesser-known parks like Grant-Kohrs Ranch or Little Bighorn Battlefield can gain more national recognition and increase tourism.  Click HERE to watch and download the Senator’s remarks.

As this is the first National Parks Subcommittee hearing since passage of the “Great American Outdoors Act,” which provided funding to restore aging infrastructure at national parks, Daines received an update on progress being made since passage and what work still remains. Watch and download the remarks HERE.