Daines to Schumer on MT Election Bills: Get Your Facts Straight

U.S. SENATE— U.S. Senator Steve Daines today spoke on the floor of the United States Senate to correct the record after Senator Chuck Schumer tried to distort the facts on Montana’s new voting laws earlier today.


To watch the full speech, click HERE.

Daines’ remarks as prepared for delivery:

“It wasn’t enough for Democrats like Stacy Abrams and President Biden to lie about the new Georgia voting law.

“Now, today, Chuck Schumer is sending his lawyers to swarm Montana courtrooms and he has taken to the Senate floor with more distortion.

“This time about Montana’s new voting laws.

“I have a message for Leader Schumer and the Democrats trying to distort the facts and the will of Montana voters—get your facts straight.

“In Montana, we are putting in place commonsense reforms that enjoy the strong support of Montanans.

“Why is the Leader so determined to strike down commonsense efforts to provide integrity and transparency to our elections? 

“Let’s talk about voter ID. A majority of Americans support needing a photo ID to cast a ballot.

“According to the Honest Elections Project, 77% of Americans support needing a photo ID to vote. 77%.

“Why? Because it’s commonsense, and because you need a photo ID to do many mundane tasks.

“You need a photo to get a hunting or fishing license, rent a hotel room, drive a car, get on an airplane, pick up tickets at will call.

“If these simple tasks require a valid ID, shouldn’t protecting the integrity of America’s election process require at least the same?

“This isn’t the first time Leader Schumer and the Democrats have tried to stick their nose in Montana’s business and tried to overturn the will of Montana voters.

“This past election, dark money groups backed by Chuck Schumer pushed to loosen election standards such as ballot harvesting in Montana. And they won.

“This is despite nearly 2/3’s of Montana voters passing a law to prohibit ballot harvesting.

“How is this listening to Montanans. It’s not.

“Mr. President. Montanans want election integrity. They want to trust their elections and yet—Leader Schumer continues to undermine their direct appeal to put commonsense practices in place.

“In Montana, we want everyone legally allowed to vote to be able to, and we want there to be zero doubt that those votes count.

“All Montanans, Republicans and Democrats, should have faith in our elections.

“Mr. President. Montana’s legislature, Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen and Montana Governor Greg Gianforte wanted to strengthen this trust, and that’s what they did with these commonsense bills.

“The distortion by Democrats in this country is eroding this trust. This must stop.”