Sen. Steve Daines to introduce bill aimed at preventing states from making payments to undocumented migrants

WASHINGTON, D.C. – United States Senator Steve Daines, R-Mont., has announced he will introduce a bill which would stop states from using funds from the recent $1.9 trillion COVID relief package toward undocumented migrants.

The move comes after New York announced it would be providing undocumented migrants close to $2.1 billion, which would be covered by funding from the package.

The senator says it provides an incentive for illegal crossings and punishes taxpayers. If passed, the bill would prohibit states from receiving money from the package if they plan on giving payments to undocumented migrants.

“These illegals from New York would basically get a stimulus check eleven times bigger than a stimulus check a law-abiding, tax-paying American would receive. It’s outrageous,” said Daines.

Senator Steve Daines says the crisis at the southern border has a direct impact on Montana, calling it a northern border state with a southern border crisis. He says in order to fix the crisis, President Biden must secure the border by bringing back policies from the previous administration.