Daines to Introduce Bill to Prevent Taxpayer Funded Handouts for Illegal Immigrants

U.S. SENATE —U.S. Senator Steve Daines announced he will introduce a bill to stop taxpayer dollars from going to states that are making any direct or indirect payments to illegal immigrants. This follows news that New York will be providing close to $2.1 billion to illegal immigrants which could then be covered by funding from the $1.9 trillion spending package.

“It’s outrageous that while millions of American workers are still hurting, and in the midst of a border crisis created by President Biden, that we have states handing out taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants. We should not be rewarding Biden’s open border policies by creating incentives for people to cross our border illegally,” Daines stated. “That’s why I’m introducing a bill to stop taxpayer dollars from going to any state that is providing payments to illegal immigrants. Americans should always come first.”

Daines’ bill would:

  • Prohibit funding from the recent $1.9 trillion spending bill from going to any state which provides monetary payments to illegal immigrants.
  • Include provisions to allow the federal government to recoup money in the event a state has already received funding from the $1.9 trillion spending bill and institutes a program to provide payments to illegal immigrants.


Daines recently joined a group of senators to visit the southern border where they saw the effects of President Biden’s open border policies firsthand.