Senator Daines says southern border is a “humanitarian crisis” after recent visit

MONTANA – Senator Steve Daines said the southern border is “out of control” and a “humanitarian crisis” after a visit to the border last week.

“We visited the Donna Facility,” Daines said. “It’s a tent city they’ve constructed to hold these illegal immigrants. It’s designed for 250 maximum with COVID restrictions. The day we were there, Friday morning, there were 4,200 in that facility.”

Daines also tied the situation at the southern border to problems with drugs and violence in Montana.

“Violent crime, petty crime across our state, the homicides we’re seeing here in Billings, the increase, that’s oftentimes tied to drugs,” Daines said. “Where are those drugs for the most part coming from? They’re coming from Mexico. It’s Mexican heroin, fentanyl and meth.”