Sen. Steve Daines to Newsmax TV: ‘Southern Border Crisis’ Reaches Montana

Despite representing a state bordering Canada, Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., on Newsmax TV said his state has “a southern border crisis” due to Mexican cartels trafficking drugs as the Biden administration is distracted with mass migration.

“This crisis is 100% the result of President Biden’s policies,” Daines told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “This started on Day 1 of his presidency.”

And it is not just the problem of an open border for mass migration and illegals, Daines told host Rob Schmitt.

“I am from a northern border state, but I’ve got a southern border crisis,” he said. “That’s because of all the Mexican meth and heroin that’s flooding into our country. We have border patrol chasing all these illegals coming across.

“Guess what? It just makes it that much easier to get these drugs from cartels across the border, destroying our communities.”

President Joe Biden’s administration says it is fixing the problems left behind by former President Donald Trump, but that is merely bad spin, he added.

“It all stopped under President Trump; well, it’s begun again under President Biden,” Daines said.

Daines was an outspoken Republican voice against the Senate confirmation of Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary-nominee Xavier Becerra on the floor Wednesday.

“He supports decriminalizing border crossing and giving free healthcare for illegals,” Daines lamented. “That’s your taxpayer dollars, funding illegal immigrants.”

And the former attorney general of California, Becerra, is a staunch supporter of all kinds of abortions, holding “radical” progressive views that would be bad as HHS secretary, Daines said.

“He even sued the nuns in California,” he added. “I think that Xavier Becerra might as well have the motto, ‘let’s make America radical again.’

“He’s coming from California, bringing those radical ideas right here to our nation’s capital.”

Finally, on the Green New Deal-like agenda, Daines warned the U.S. will ultimately rue the day it sold out American energy for the theory of climate change and global warming, particularly if Biden gets his wish to push through a radical infrastructure plan to remake America.

“Democrats are taking climate change and tax increases and they’re going to try to disguise it as some kind of infrastructure package,” Daines predicts, rebuking efforts to unwind President Trump’s achievement of energy independence.

“That’s going to drive up energy prices. It’s going to set us back, literally, years. All the progress we’ve made with made in America energy and great jobs?

“Listen, Joe Biden doesn’t care about that. They are just captured by this climate change ideology.”

Despite representing Montana, Daines will be a part of the Senate delegation headed to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to talk to locals on the ground of the immigration crisis the Biden administration has exacerbated.

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and John Cornyn, R-Texas, will be leading the delegation.