Bozeman scientific equipment supplier continues to grow in booming industry

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Montana Instruments started in 2010 looking to be a leader in the state and hopefully the country for cutting edge scientific equipment design and manufacturing.

After graduating from Montana State University, Luke Mauritsen founded Montana Instruments which has grown to around 50 employees being cryogenic partners for quantum materials research and technology development. 

“To make it simple,” Mauritsen said, “We make really, really, really cold stuff… and cryogenics is the science at low temperatures.”

Making some of the most high-tech computer systems in the world requires workers and Mauritsen said they are looking no further than here in Montana for employees, when they can, to help them be the best at what they do.

“I just thought what if we were the group of kids that come into this field and say, ‘Hey, let’s just start over with a clean sheet of paper and let’s design the cryogenic equipment that helps scientists and companies move faster to accelerate the process of discovery of quantum materials.'”

Right now a lot of what they do helps with scientific research but also national security which is aiding in a worldwide race for who can be the best in the high-speed quantum computing industry.

Sen. Steve Daines toured the Bozeman facility on Feb. 26 to talk about the importance of high-tech jobs in Montana and the importance of STEM education for young Montanans.

Sen. Steve Daines toured the Bozeman facility with Montana Instruments Founder Luke Mauritsen on Feb. 26.

“I want to encourage our young boys and girls, young men and women to think about careers in STEM education, this is when we’re going to need to battle places like China around the world,” Sen. Daines said. “To win we’ve got to have an educated workforce, and I’m very proud of Montana State producing engineers, physicists.  We need more of them.”

Mauritsen said the Gallatin College at Montana State University does quantum research along with FLIR Systems in Bozeman helping with quantum materials development which has led to high paying jobs in the Gallatin Valley.

More information on Montana Instruments can be found here.