Daines Pushing Several Bills to Protect Life, Prevent Taxpayer Dollars Being Used for Abortion

U.S. SENATE— U.S. Senator Steve Daines, founder and chair of the Senate Pro Life Caucus, introduced a slate of bills to protect life including legislation to prevent taxpayer funding for abortion, protect babies with down syndrome from abortions, and save babies born alive from botched abortions. 

“One of my top priorities as Montana’s United States Senator is protecting the unborn,” Daines said. “The Senate remains the firewall for protecting life against the radical Left’s pro-abortion agenda. I’m going to do all I can to ensure we stand up for the most vulnerable and prevent any tax dollars going to the abortion industry.”

Daines announced this legislation on the week of the 48th annual March for Life.

Daines has been an unwavering defender of life since coming to Congress.

List of Pro-Life bills Daines will be introducing this Congress:

  • Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act This bill prohibits the elective abortion of unborn children after 20 weeks, protecting these children based on evidence that by then, they experience pain.
  • Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms and Babies Act This bill prevents labeling changes for already approved abortion drugs; prevents providers from dispensing these abortion drugs remotely, by mail, or via tele-medicine; and prevents the Food and Drug Administration from approving new chemical abortion drugs.
  • No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act This bill codifies the Hyde Amendment, prohibiting federal funding for elective abortion, as a permanent government-wide prohibition. It also restricts Obamacare’s premium tax credits from being used for elective abortion coverage on the exchanges.
  • Protecting Individuals with Down Syndrome Act – This bill prohibits a doctor from knowingly performing an abortion when it is being sought because the baby has Down syndrome.
  • Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act – This bill would ensure that babies born alive after failed abortions are given the same medical care as any other baby born prematurely at the same gestational age.
  • Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act – This bill bars Title X family planning funding for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.
  • Life at Conception Act – This bill declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being, beginning from the moment of conception.
  • Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) – This bill prohibits sex-selection abortion.
  • Dignity for Aborted Children Act – This bill requires the burial or cremation of an unborn child after an abortion is performed.
  • Protecting Life in Foreign Assistance Act – This bill codifies and expands the Mexico City Policy to prohibit foreign aid from being given to organizations that perform or actively promote abortions overseas.
  • Abortion is Not Health Care Act – This bill prohibits abortion from being considered eligible for the medical expenses deduction.
  • Protecting Life and Integrity in Research Act – This bill prohibits federal funding for research involving human fetal tissue taken from unborn children killed by abortion.
  • Protecting Life in a Crisis Act – This bill extends Hyde Amendment protections, prohibiting taxpayer funding for elective abortion, to any COVID-19-related healthcare provisions, including any subsidies for Obamacare exchange plans and COBRA continuation coverage.
  • Women’s Public Health and Safety Act – This bill clarifies the authority of states to exclude providers of elective abortion like Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid program.