Daines: If Congress Can’t Balance the Budget, They Shouldn’t Get Paid

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U. S. Senator Steve Daines today re-introduced the “Balanced Budget Accountability Act” to hold Congress accountable and require a balanced budget or members won’t get paid. This legislation would help address our public debt crisis, and is the first bill Daines introduces each Congress.

“With runaway public debt now exceeding $27 trillion, we face a looming crisis. In fact, since I introduced this bill two years ago, our debt has increased by more than 30%. The American people depend on Congress to do its job. Folks at home balance their budgets, Congress should be able to do the same,” Daines stated. “My bill, the ‘Balanced Budget Accountability Act’ will bring Montana values of commonsense and accountability to Washington.”   

To read the full bill, click HERE.

The “Balanced Budget Accountability Act” strengthens accountability in Washington and encourages members of Congress to commit to the annual budget process as required by law and pass budgets that balance within ten years.

If a balanced budget is not passed by April 15—the legal requirement for Congress to have passed a budget—members will see their pay terminated.

Daines has introduced this legislation in each Congress since he has been in office. In addition to implementing a “no balanced budget, no pay” principle, the “Balanced Budget Accountability Act” also establishes additional spending requirements and restrictions on tax increases.