Plains gets grant for new wastewater plant

U.S. Senator Steve Daines announced Friday that following his direct request, Plains, Montana will receive a $5.1 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The grant will help complete a major infrastructure project for the community by relocating the city’s wastewater treatment plant, which is currently at risk of a catastrophic failure due to its vicinity to the Clark Fork River.

“This grant is a critical investment for the Plains community as they work to improve their sanitation infrastructure by moving the wastewater treatment plant away from the Clark Fork River,” Daines said. “I’m glad that I could help secure this funding for the community and look forward to seeing the progress on the relocation project.”

Back in January, Daines wrote a letter in support of the Plains communities’ grant request.

Mayor Dan Rowan thanked Daines for his help to secure the grant.

“This is fantastic news for our community. This grant will allow us to move our wastewater treatment facility, protect the Clark Fork River, and save our ratepayers millions of dollars,” said Plains Mayor Dan Rowan. “The Town of Plains thanks Senator Daines for his strong support and helping us secure these funds.”

The wastewater treatment plant is at imminent risk of a catastrophic failure from erosion due to long term flooding from the Clark Fork River.

The existing wastewater treatment plant has four lagoons and an ultraviolet disinfection system; it will be demolished, and new lagoons and UV disinfection will be installed outside of the floodplain.