Senate COVID-19 Nursing Home Report Confirms Daines’ Bill Critical to Helping MT Seniors

U.S. SENATE – Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee released a report on care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that highlighted the need for Senator Daines’ bill to help nursing homes promptly identify and contain outbreaks of COVID-19. Daines’ bill would help ensure Montana’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities are equipped to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and support diagnostic testing in order to protect our most vulnerable.

“Montana seniors are some of the most at risk in our communities during this public health emergency. As we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear from this report that more must be done to protect nursing home residents and those in long-term care facilities,” Daines said. “The report includes specific recommendations for Congress to better protect older Montanans, including my legislation to provide federal assistance for testing and PPE. I will continue fighting to ensure our nursing homes and assisted living facilities are equipped to keep Montana’s seniors safe, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To access the full report from the Senate Finance Committee, click HERE.   

The report details nursing home performance during the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While there are assisted living facilities that have provided high quality care for their residents, others have been overwhelmed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The report also recommends policies that will promote the health and safety of older Americans living in long-term care facilities, including Daines’ legislation, that would help identify and contain outbreaks of COVID-19 and authorize Elder Justice Act programs.

In July, Daines and Senator Grassley introduced the Emergency Support for Nursing Homes and Elder Justice Reform Act of 2020 to support the health and safety of Montana seniors during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and extend funding for vital Elder Justice Act programs.


Daines has been fighting to ensure Montana continues to be transparent when reporting the number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19 in nursing homes and extended living facilities including calling on the Governor to report those numbers publicly. That same day, those numbers were reported on the Montana Department of Health and Human Services website and continue to be updated weekly.

Daines has been leading the efforts in Congress to respond to the coronavirus outbreak impacting the country. To read about Daines’ COVID-19 related efforts, click HERE.