Bozeman sensory tech company showcases new facility location

BOZEMAN, Mont. — FLIR, a Bozeman sensory technology company, gave Congressman Greg Gianforte and Sen. Steve Daines a tour of its new facility, which is under construction.

The company is well-known for infrared and thermal imaging.

FLIR designs and manufactures cameras and sensors using heat technology. The company grows crystals, which are used in their laser products.

Multiple agencies benefit from the technology, including firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue and border patrol.

FLIR Vice President Randy Equall says the new facility location allows them to bring their three sites together into a single site and give them the capability to expand and grow their manufacturing and engineering operations.

“This new facility gives us state-of-the-art manufacturing so that we can supply what our customers are asking for,” Equall said.

Gianforte and Daines both say that FLIR provides much-needed job opportunities for Montanans.

“They’re high paying jobs in high tech,” Daines said. “This is exactly what we need more of in Montana.”

“Too many of our young people have to leave and find better opportunities,” Gianforte said. “Businesses like this are going to change that.”

Once FLIR opens, it will support 100 employees. This includes graduates from Montana State University and Gallatin College.

“We employ a lot of engineers, scientists and technicians to both manufacture and do engineering work for us,” Equall said. “It provides great growth opportunities for wages.”

The building will be complete in fall 2021.