A U.S. senator, two cops and two kids meet at a gas station…

Earlier this week, Columbus Police Officer Jason Ferguson and Stillwater County Sheriff’s Deputy Clay Waltner got a thank you that neither is likely to forget.

While on duty at the Columbus Town Pump, the two men found themselves eye to eye with United States Sen. Steve Daines, who approached them to offer his thanks for their service.

Daines was on his way back to Bozeman at the time and made an impression.

“What a cool guy. Senator Daines came up and thanked Clay Waltner and I for the job we do. The feeling is mutual,” Ferguson wrote in a Facebook post about the event.

But there’s more to the story.

After Daines left, Columbus boys Anders Bjorkman and Sheldon Kosma approached the lawmen to ask if it was Daines that had just been with them. Daines noticed the young men looking and pointing and called them over to take a photo with the entire group.

“What’s cool is that these boys…flagged me down a month or so back to voice just how much they appreciate us (and) then gave me an awesome Blue Line bracelet. I wish I could share some of the love with fellow officers across the country who are not so fortunate in the communities they protect,” Ferguson wrote in the post.

Ferguson told the News that he was impressed with Daines.

“Talking to him in person really makes me feel good about the guy and his honesty. Down to earth and sincere,” said Ferguson.