Daines Introduces Bill to Extend President Trump’s 60-Day Immigration Ban to Support American Workers

U.S. SENATE –U.S. Senator Steve Daines is introducing legislation to temporarily extend President Trump’s 60-day ban on immigration to support American workers and jobs as the nation begins to safely reopen the economy. Currently, President Trump’s 60-day ban expires on June 23rd, 2020.

“I’m proud to back President Trump and his efforts to put the American worker first as we begin to safely reopen the economy and support those who lost their jobs because of the Coronavirus pandemic.” Daines said. “I will always fight to protect and put Montanan and American workers and jobs first.”  

Daines legislation will extend the ban by setting it to expire 60 days after the Coronavirus National Emergency Declaration is lifted. There is no set time for that Declaration to be lifted at this time.

Daines’ legislation will ensure that as states and the American economy begin to safely reopen, American workers will be prioritized by extending President Trump’s immigration ban until 60 days after the Coronavirus national emergency order is lifted. Once the national emergency is lifted and the economy is reopened, this will give US workers the advantage to get these jobs before immigration restarts.


Daines has been leading the efforts in Congress to respond to the coronavirus outbreak impacting the country. To read about Daines’ COVID-19 related efforts click HERE