Senator Daines surprises service members at airport with lunch

BOZEMAN — The Montana National Guard is at the Bozeman International Airport making sure nobody is coming through who is sick, but today they got an unexpected visitor.

“We’re screening passengers who are incoming making sure they’re not bringing home any symptoms of COVID-19,” said Drew Wajer, a technical sergeant with the Montana Air National Guard

Keeping COVID-19 out of Montana is no easy task. The Montana National Guard has been hard at work since the beginning of April and today they had a special delivery man who came to show his support. That’s right, it was Senator Steve Daines.

“Thanks to the chalet market they donated these lunches,” said Senator Daines. “They’re going to get a great lunch today before they take care of their next passengers before they arrive here on the 12:20 flight.”

Senator Daines father served in the Marines, so he knows some support can go a long way.

“Just grateful for these men and women today who keep us safe,” Senator Daines said. “This is just a small way to say thank you, appreciate them for their service and appreciate them and helping out in this time of need.”

It was special moment for Wajers and the rest of Montana Guard members who are at the front-lines of the airport keeping us all safe.

“It was very appreciated,” said Wajer. “He’s being supportive of our Montana Guard Community.”

And by the time my short interview with the Senator was over, the service members had already devoured their food.

“As the gentleman told me he said if there’s anything we can do in the military it’s that we know how to eat fast, ” Senator Daines said with a laugh.