Daines Urges Administration to Get Veterans Direct Checks During Coronavirus Pandemic ASAP

U.S. SENATE –U.S. Senator Steve Daines joined a group of bipartisan senators and sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs urging the agencies work together to get the nation’s veterans their direct checks in response to the Coronavirus as soon as possible.

“We write to you regarding the financial well-being of our country’s heroes, their caregivers, and survivors, and ask that the recovery rebate checks being issued by the Treasury Department reach our nation’s veterans in as timely a manner as possible,” Daines wrote. “We believe that veterans receiving benefits through the VA should and must be treated the same way, and encourage the IRS to continue working toward reducing barriers for non-filers claiming recovery rebates.”    

To read the full letter, click HERE.


Daines has been leading the efforts in Congress to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak impacting the country. To read about Daines’ COVID-19 related efforts click HERE.