Daines Unveils Proposals to Protect Montana Families, Improve Economic Stability During Coronavirus Outbreak

U.S. SENATE –U.S. Senator Steve Daines today unveiled a slate of proposals and priorities he’s working to advance that will help protect Montana families and their finances during the Coronavirus outbreak. Daines is working to ensure impacted families and businesses have paid leave, temporarily waive payroll taxes, provide relief from tariffs, and ensure access to affordable testing.

“Montanans and Americans shouldn’t have to choose between their paycheck, their personal health and the health and safety of others,” Daines said. “I will be working with the Trump administration, Congressional Leadership, and Republicans and Democrats in both Chambers to ensure these priorities are addressed and put forward to help protect public health and the economy during the Coronavirus outbreak.”

Daines is calling for:

  • Temporary Payroll Tax Cut
    • Temporarily suspend the payroll tax so employees can keep more money in their pocket. The Social Security Trust Fund would be reimbursed through a transfer from the General Fund. This is consistent with historical precedent.
  • Paid Leave
    • Ensure impacted families have 14 days of paid leave.
  • Suspend Tariffs
    • Temporarily suspend tariffs to help stabilize markets. 
  • Removing Barriers to Testing
    • Remove barriers to testing, including making the Coronavirus test a preventative service so patients aren’t faced with sky-high out of pocket costs or deductibles. This will help ensure Coronavirus tests are affordable.