Daines issues statement on USMCA signing

President Donald Trump signed a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico on Wednesday. The measure’s a reboot of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

NAFTA governed trade between the U.S. and our neighbors since 1994.

Some 400 guests looked on, including U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, Rep. Greg Gianforte and Montana State Sen. Mike Cuffe from Eureka.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sen. Daines stated “Just finished watching President Trump sign the historic US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement at the White House.”

Daines added that it was “Great to be here with Greg Gianforte and Mike Cuffe, and it’s a great day for Montana’s farmers and ranchers.”

In a press release from Sen. Daines’ office, they said this is the third time over the last 120 days Daines has joined President Trump at the White House for the signing of a trade deal benefiting Montana ag.