Daines: It’s Time to Put Up or Shut Up, End Pelosi’s Impeachment Sham

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Daines today introduced a resolution to update Senate rules to allow a motion to dismiss articles of impeachment for lack of prosecution. Daines’ action is in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented refusal to send over the articles and attempt to dictate the rules of an impeachment trial in the Senate. 

Impeachment Video

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“It’s time to put up or shut up, and stand up to Nancy Pelosi,” Daines said. “House Democrats have been obsessed with impeaching President Trump before he was even sworn into office. First, they rushed through a rigged process, now they have cold feet. Enough with the political games. It’s time to get back to work for Montana and the American people.”  

To download the resolution, click HERE.


The resolution would allow the Senate to dismiss the articles of impeachment if the House of Representatives has not transmitted the articles to the Senate within 25 calendar days. Under this new rule, any Senator would be entitled to move to dismiss once the allotted time period had elapsed. Any motion to dismiss would be voted upon by the full Senate.

It’s been 19 days since Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump.

Articles of Impeachment were transmitted to the U.S. Senate immediately following the impeachment vote of President Bill Clinton. Articles of Impeachment were transmitted to the U.S. Senate four days after the impeachment vote of President Andrew Johnson.