Daines Statement on NorthWestern Energy’s Planned Investment in Colstrip

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today released the following statement in response to NorthWestern Energy’s plan to invest in Colstrip.  

“NorthWestern Energy’s plan to invest in Colstrip is good news for the Colstrip community and all of Montana,” Daines said. “The power coming out of Colstrip is essential to Montanans’ access to more low-cost, reliable energy. NorthWestern’s increased ownership in Unit 4 will ensure affordable rates for their customers and a strong partnership with the Colstrip community. I will continue working with folks in Colstrip and Rosebud County to ensure Colstrip, and Montana’s energy portfolio, remains strong.”

Daines has been tirelessly working to find a path forward to ensure Colstrip’s Generating Station remained an asset to Montana and the surrounding communities. Daines is committed to ensuring Montana has a strong balanced energy portfolio.

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