Daines Introduces ‘Free Veterans Act’ to Battle Pension Poaching

Montana Senator Steve Daines was visiting with a widow of a Montana military veteran recently when he learned about an activity called ‘pension poaching’.

Patricia Perdue had nearly all of her pension benefits stripped away by a scam artist. After looking at her case, Daines crafted the ‘Free Veterans Act’ to raise awareness on an issue that is impacting many vulnerable veterans and their families.

Daines said there are not only individuals but also organizations that preying on veterans and their families by charging excessive fees without having proper credentials from the Veterans Administration, but what really angered Daines was the total lack of repercussions for those involved in this ‘pension poaching’ activity.

Mrs. Perdue told Daines she was grateful for his intervention and the ‘Free Veterans Act’ which will increase VA oversight over the VA benefits program and require the VA to communicate to the veteran or spouse about the right to repeal fees associated with legal representation.

Get details about the bill by clicking here.

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