Daines: Withdrawing Troops from Syria Detrimental to National Security

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today in a U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee stressed the national security risk that withdrawing American troops from Syria poses, including the potential rise of terrorist organizations such as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

During the hearing, Daines pressed Ambassador James Jeffrey, Special Representative for Syria Engagement, on the importance of combating ISIS and holding Turkey and President Tayyip Erdogan accountable for their actions against the Kurds.

  Daines Syria

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“Our presence in Syria, while minimal, had resulted in great progress in the fight against ISIS and supported our allies in the region who bore the brunt of the fighting. This withdrawal has placed those gains at substantial risk,” Daines said.


The reduction of American presence in Syria has already resulted in the increased influence of Russia and Iran, and set the stage for a potential resurgence of ISIS. 

Earlier this Congress, Daines voted for S.1 which supported our allies in the Middle East, increased sanctions on the Assad regime, and expressed concern that an immediate withdrawal from Syria or Afghanistan would put the gains achieved at risk and potentially further destabilize the region.

Additionally, it called upon the Administration to identify and certify that necessary conditions have been met prior to any substantial withdrawal from Syria or Afghanistan.