Daines Applauds EPA’s Proposal That Will Lead to More High Paying Montana Jobs

U.S. SENATE– Today, U.S. Senator Steve applauded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal regarding the water quality certification process. The proposal would reform implementation of the water quality certification process under section 401 of the Clean Water Act.

“This is great news for Montana’s energy economy,” Daines said. “Today’s announcement will help stop activist bureaucrats from abusing the law to limit the potential of Montana’s booming energy economy. Common sense regulation will lead to more high paying jobs for Montanans and strengthen our nation’s energy independence.”

EPA’s issuance of proposed regulations is the agency’s next step to implement President Trump’s April 10th executive order Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth. Section 3 of the executive order required EPA within 60 days to issue guidance to states, tribes, and other agencies as EPA works to improve the water quality certification process under Section 401 of Clean Water Act. After issuance of the guidance, EPA was required to propose new regulations within 120 days, which the agency is doing now. EPA must finalize regulations within 13 months of the Executive Order.

Background Information:

Daines has been a strong advocate for a balanced energy portfolio in Montana and pushing for high paying jobs in the energy sector.

Last congress, Daines introduced legislation clarifies that Section 401 of the Clean Water Act cannot be used as a weapon to prohibit Montana’s exportation of clean and reliable coal to the nation’s allies in the Asia Pacific Region.