Daines secures funds for asbestos research in Libby

LIBBY – Although the primary phase of federal cleanup is completed, health concerns continue in Libby, where residents continue to deal with the aftereffects of asbestos contamination.

The US Environmental Protection Agency completed its major cleanup operations at properties around Libby and Troy last year.

Now, cleanup responsibilities have transitioned to state and local agencies to deal with the remaining contamination in business and residential areas from the old vermiculite mining operations at the WR Grace mine.

But the health concerns over asbestosis continue, with research at the Center for Asbestos Related Disease Clinic.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) announced he’d been able to secure an additional $2.5 million for CARD Clinic, focusing on early detection of certain medical conditions related to asbestos exposure.

The funding becomes available in September and continues through 2024.