Daines honors Miles City 2-Star General

Senator Steve Daines is honoring one Montana native for her achievements in our armed forces.

Major General Barbara Holcomb is the first female commanding general at the US Army Medical Research and Development Command at Fort Detrick.

She’s also the chief of the US Army Nurse Corps.

Major General Holcomb grew up in Miles City.

She first joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps following her first year of nursing school.

Senator Daines is calling her a trailblazer and a Montana leader.

“She’s set the example for so many young women to follow her path to break these barriers as the first female chief of the US Army Nurse Corps. It was an honor to meet her in my office on Monday and I presented to her a copy of the congressional record I signed that she’ll have as a lasting memory honoring her great service to our great country.” said Senator Daines

Senator Daines says Major General Holcomb is currently retiring, after serving 32 years in the military.