Daines Fights for LWCF Funding

U.S. SENATE — On the heels of House Interior Appropriations plus-up of LWCF, U.S. Senator Steve Daines wrote a letter to U.S. Senate Interior Appropriations Committee Leadership urging the full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and to build on momentum for stronger funding in the Senate bill. The letter also highlighted the importance of the program to Montana.

“Earlier this Congress, we took a historic step to permanently authorize the LWCF,” Daines said. “As we work towards full, dedicated funding for the program, I encourage you to allocate at least $600 million of LWCF in FY 2020.”

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Yesterday, Daines also discussed the importance of LWCF during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing with the U.S. Forest Service.

  LWCF hearing

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Yesterday, the Appropriations Interior Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to fund the program at $523.9 million – a $88 million increase from what was signed into law last year which would be the highest level in 15 years. Daines request exceeds that level.


Daines has been a staunch supporter of LWCF.

Daines was instrumental in getting the bipartisan public lands package signed into law which included the permanent reauthorization of LWCF..

Daines’ recent actions on LWCF include:

Last week, Daines met with Montana leadership from Trust from Public Lands to talk about the importance of LWCF.

On March 17th, 2019, Daines met with LWCF and public lands advocates with U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman List Murkowski.

On March 12, 2019, Daines stood with President Trump at the White House as he signed the bipartisan public lands package with into law.

On March 12th, 2019, President Trump signed into law the bipartisan public lands package. Daines was a leading voice in Senate to get the bill across the finish line.

On February 14th, 2019, Daines secured a $10 million increase for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), bringing funding for the program to $435 million for 2019.

On January 30th, 2019, Daines successfully convinced Senate leadership to bring the public lands package up for a vote in early in the 116th Congress.