Daines Rejects Disastrous Green New Deal

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today voted against the disastrous Green New Deal. Daines dismissed the radical proposal as nothing more than a vehicle for socialist policies that would destroy Montana’s economy.

“The Green New Deal is a radical, top-down idea that disregards the impacts on hard working Montanans and Americans across our country. Plain and simple, it’s a socialist wish list that has nothing to do with conservation or the environment,” Daines said. “This so called trillion plus dollar “deal” would kill Montana jobs, hurt Montana families, and destroy Montana’s economy. We should be working towards an all of the above energy agenda focused on smart and efficient conservation, and more innovation not regulation. I will continue to do just that.”


On March 13, 2019 Senator Daines delivered a speech on the floor of the Senate outlining the failures of the Green New Deal and its impacts on Montanans if implemented. 

Montana workers joined in sending a letter sent to Congress expressing their opposition to the Green New Deal citing that it would “cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families”. In Montana, the Green New Deal would kill thousands of jobs, including the thousands at Colstrip.

Support from Stakeholders:

“The Green New Deal is an unrealistic approach to responsible management. Rather than spending time discussing wishful thinking for the sake of political soundbites, Congress should focus on solutions conducive to growing our economy while also protecting our environment.” – Greg Hertz, Montana Speaker of the House

“The Green New Deal would wipe Colstrip and its industry off the map – leading to a total collapse of the Montana economy and possibly some basic social services. Under this radical proposal, we would be thrown into chaos that could not be mitigated…It is of great comfort to the people of my district as well as a good many people in Montana that you are going to stick a fork in this jobs and economy killing bill. Thanks for all you do, Senator Daines.” – Duane Ankney, Montana State Senator (District 20, Colstrip)

“In Rosebud County, 85% of our taxable revenue comes from the coal industry. If the Green New Deal passes, it will eliminate 1,200 direct and indirect jobs in Rosebud County.” Doug Martens, Rosebud County Commissioner

“As a member of Montana’s Land Board, I understand how crucial natural resource development and agriculture are to funding our schools. Efforts in the Green New Deal to weaken Montana’s coal, oil, natural gas, and cattle industries would, in turn, weaken funding and career opportunities for Montana students.” – Elsie Arntzen, Superintendent of Montana Office of Public Instruction

“The Green New Deal will drastically change life for craftsmen in Montana and needs to be strongly opposed. In attempting to force the removal of carbon emitting resources, the Green New Deal will replace good-paying jobs with low maintenance positions and make it harder for workers to make a living in Montana” Jason Small, President of the Boilermakers Local 11

“We would like to thank Senator Daines for his vote on the Green New Deal, he recognizes the importance of agriculture to not only Montana but to the nation. Cattle ranchers play a unique role when it comes to resource management and conservation. We are stewards of the land and pride ourselves on taking care of the resource, the wildlife, and the environment.” – Fred Wacker, President of the Montana Stockgrowers Association

“The membership of the Montana Wool Growers Association appreciates Senator Daines’ opposition to the so-called ‘green new deal’.  Agriculture is Montana’s largest economic driver and MWGA views the green deal as a bad deal for all agriculture production.  Montana’s farmers and ranchers are, by the very nature of their trade, environmentalists.  Pie-in-sky legislation, such as the green deal which would seek, among other things to regulate livestock gas, does nothing substantively to reduce global emissions.  The reality is that sheep are not a climate threat and studies show that removing all livestock and poultry production from the U.S. food system would have a negligible impact on global greenhouse gas emissions, while, correspondingly harming the most efficient food production system in the world.” Kevin Halverson, President of the Montana Wool Growers Association

“Montana Agri-Women vehemently opposes the Green New Deal and its unsubstantiated attack on the agriculture community….The vague yet enticing language in the GND does not give concrete plans that will accomplish these goals. To propose these sweeping regulations without tangible action strategies is dangerous and ushers in a heavy-handed federal government that ignores individual liberties and tramples property rights.” Meghan Foran, President of the Montana Agri-Women

“We also have green concerns about unrealistic solutions such those advanced in the “Green New Deal” and by proponents of the “Keep It in the Ground” ideology.” the Boilermakers Union, Electrical Workers Union, International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Union, SMART Transportation Division, Transportation and Communications Union, Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, United Mine Workers of America