Daines Will Withhold Pay During Government Shutdown

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Steve Daines sent a letter requesting that the Secretary of the U.S. Senate withhold his pay during the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.

“I believe all sides need to come together to enhance border security and reopen the government.” Daines wrote. “Until that occurs and Border Patrol agents and other federal personnel again receive their paychecks, I think it would be inappropriate for me to receive my pay.”

Click HERE to read the full letter.


-Senator Daines introduced a bill that would keep the government running and end shutdowns that disrupt critical government services and cost taxpayers billions.

-Senator Daines also sponsored legislation to protect Americans’ national security by preserving funding for National Guard and Reserves training during a government shutdown.

-The first bill Daines introduced in the 115th, 114th and 113th Congress is the Balanced Budget Accountability Act requiring that Congress pass a balanced budget – or members won’t get paid.