Daines Applauds Trump Administration for Reversing Job-Killing Regulation on Coal

U.S. Senator Steve Daines today issued the following statement on the Trump administration’s proposed revisions to the Obama era’s job-killing Clean Power Plan (CPP).  

“The EPA Power Plan was another example of President Obama and Gina McCarthy regulating by having the tail wagging the dog. Their standards were unattainable and did nothing to clean up the environment and instead killed high paying jobs,” Daines said. “Today’s action by the Trump administration will help save Montana jobs and help create affordable and reliable energy across the country. I’m thankful for EPA Administrator Wheeler and President Trump for stepping up to the plate.” 

As part of the CPP, the Obama administration placed uneconomical requirements on new and modified coal plants.

The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to remove these emissions standards for coal plants that were unattainable and would have blocked the construction of new coal plants. The revised rule will use new standards based on existing technology, helping to ensure that our nation’s energy mix can continue to diversify and remain reliable with coal-fired power part of its future.

Statement of Support:

Lori Shaw, Colstrip United Director, Colstrip City Councilwoman“This is great news for the future of America’s coal fleet. Montana has the extraordinary potential to help be a leader in new coal technologies thanks to our existing infrastructure, and the fact that our state has larger coal reserves than any other in the nation. The reasonable modification of these regulations will help create a more stable and fair playing field for new coal technologies that can continue to provide the vital around-the-clock reliable power that keeps our grids stable and our energy bills affordable. For my community of Colstrip and all the citizens of Montana that support our vital natural resource industries like coal, the push for this change is a clear sign that our concerns are being heard and that our efforts to raise our voices on behalf of our energy future have not been in vain.”