Daines Helps Secure 20 Year Mineral Withdrawal Near Yellowstone

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today applauded Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for listening to Montanans and announcing a 20-year mineral withdrawal of mining claims in the Paradise Valley and Gardiner Basin near Yellowstone National Park. The announcement comes after Daines urged the administration to finalize the withdrawal. 

“Some places are just too special to mine, and the Paradise Valley and Gardiner Basin near Yellowstone, is one of them,”Daines saidI’m very happy to see the Interior Department follow the recommendation of the Forest Service and my request, to withdraw these special areas from development. I want to thank Secretary Zinke for following through on his promise to Montanans and for taking action. I’m also pleased to have helped advance legislation last week to permanently withdraw the area.” 

Earlier today, Secretary Zinke announced the withdrawal of 30,000 acres of land on the Custer Gallatin National Forest in the Paradise Valley and Emigrant Gulch from mining consideration.

Daines has actively worked with the administration to ensure the mineral withdrawal. In September, the Forest Service responded to Daines’ request and sent a recommendation to the Department of Interior to finalize the 20-year withdrawal.

Last week, thanks to Daines’ leadership, a bill permanently withdrawing the 30,000 acres from mining consideration, the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act, passed out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resourced Committee. Daines has urged the permanent withdrawal given strong local support. 

Statement of Support:

Bryan Wells, Owner of Emigrant Creek Cabins and Member of Greater Yellowstone Business Coalition: “Any day you wake up in Paradise Valley is a good day but today was very special.  Thank you Secretary Zinke for signing a 20 year mineral withdrawal on public lands in our area and thank you Senator Daines for supporting the mineral withdrawal and permanent legislation.”