The third annual Montana Energy Summit will take place in Billings on May 30 and 31, hosted by Senator Steve Daines, featuring a host of industry and government officials.

After meeting with President Trump during his lunch hour to discuss his priorities, Senator Daines said the conversations that began two years ago at the first summit will continue.

“We’re going to continue to focus on how to unlock Montana’s great energy potential,” said Daines. “We’re starting to move out thinking now and we’re thinking bigger. It used to be about North American energy independence, but now we have an opportunity to think about global energy dominance. There’s that old saying that a nation that can feed itself and fuel itself is economically secure, as well as nationally secure. Not only can we feed the world with our farms and ranches, but we can fuel the world by reducing the world’s dependence on the Middle East, and if the world can become dependent on America for energy, that would be a very good thing.”

Daines said his staff has put together an all-star lineup of speakers at the summit.

“Chairman Barrasso of Wyoming with Energy and Public Works will be there, we have the chairman of BNSF Matt Rose, Everett King from White House Resources, Orlando Alvarez, President and CEO of BP Energy, Carl Borquist, CEO of Absaroka Energy, and Harold Ham, the founder and CEO of Continental Resources.”

Daines said there were over 600 people at the summit two years ago, and he is expecting even more in 2018.

Many of the presentations will be streamed live as well as on Facebook live.

To register for the Montana Energy Summit in Billings on May 30 and 31, click here.