Helena IR: Wilderness Study Areas should not be closed to recreational use

I really support U.S. Sen. Steve Daines’s S. 2206 to open our historic wilderness study areas, because it does conclude a long overdue 40-year (study) period. The majority of people from Montana and other states all want their historic access that should never have been closed.

The three nearly connected congressionally approved wilderness areas south of Lolo Pass are the largest wilderness acres in the lower 48 states, so we don’t need the Great Burn area as a wilderness for more major global warming. The Great Burn area does have historic roads and mining places already and this should be reopened for snowmobiling, mountain bikes and off-highway vehicles. Snowmobiling in the winter is good exercise to see beautiful mountain areas that have nice clear and safe areas.

I am a Montana lifetime resident who loves the historic mountains and trails that should not be closed incorrectly.

In the summer of 2017, Missoula had fire smoke for two months that came from normal wilderness areas. It created breathing issues and global warming, so I don’t want incorrect wilderness study areas and recommended wilderness areas that previously had roads and mining areas on parts of them.