Daines Sponsors Bill to Increase Employment Opportunities for Military Reservists

U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today sponsored the Military Reserve Jobs Act, legislation to increase employment opportunities for members of the National Guard and Reserve by extending eligibility for veterans’ preference points to those seeking employment with the federal government.

“Montana’s Guardsmen and Reservists sacrifice their time and safety for our country,” said Daines. “They are critical members of the Armed Forces and deserve to be fairly recognized as they pursue civil service jobs.”

MT National Guard

This morning, Daines met with leaders from the Enlisted Association of the National Guard in Montana (EANGMT), Sergeant Major William Frank (President), Roger Hagan (Past President), and Dennis Stoner (Legislative Chairman). 

Statement of Support:

“The Military Reserve Jobs Act (S. 2235) has the support of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard for Montana (EANGMT) because it allows traditional National Guard and Reserve members to fairly achieve hiring preference. This status will help these service members create better opportunities for themselves and their families. This benefit will go a long way in assisting the National Guard attract and recruit a strong and ready force. EANGMT whole heartedly supports this legislation.” – Sergeant Major William Frank, President, EANGMT


This Military Reserve Jobs Act, S.2235, provides a tiered federal employment hiring preference point system to assist members of the Reserve Component who do not qualify for existing veterans’ preference. 

Under the bill, a qualified member would be able to claim a 2-point or 3-point preference, depending on their length and continued service in the Reserve component.