KULR: Sen. Steve Daines visits Billings to discuss tax cuts

BILLINGS, Mont. –Senator Steve Daines was in Billings Friday to promote the positive impacts of the new tax cuts that took effect January 1st.

Daines toured True North Steel, visiting with Montanans, and discussing added jobs and bigger paychecks.

The senator was all smiles as he toured True North Steel and discussed the positive impacts of the tax cuts.

True North Steel added 35 new jobs which Daines attributes to the tax cuts.

Daines said there are several companies in Montana who raised wages, gave out bonuses, and added jobs.

He said the higher wages and new jobs give a boost to the economy and he foresees that it will keep growing.

He said the stock market has 8 trillion more dollars than before and that it will continue to rise so Montanans shouldn’t worry.

Daines said, “Montanans who have 401Ks look at their retirement, they’ve got smiles on their faces right now and with these tax cuts now going into effect the first of January I think it’s going to continue to put more confidence in the economy. We see the economy growing at higher rates. That’s a great thing for our country.

With Senator Daines in town, KULR-8 had the opportunity to see how he was doing just two days after a train crashed with Republican leaders on board.

He said he feels fine and was just a little shaken up.

He explained that malfunctioning equipment seems to be what caused the crash.

Daines said, “The crossing guard there…it was a single intersection there where two arms that were down but some of the neighbors are reporting that those arms were going down for extended periods of time even when trains weren’t passing through.”

Senator Daines said he sends his prayers to the family and friends of the man that tragically passed away.