Daines: Whose Money is it Anyway?

U.S. SENATE —U.S. Senator Steve Daines today spoke on the Senate floor in anticipation of a vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which will give 99 percent of Montanans a tax cut.

tax speech

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  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will keep over $700 million dollars in Montanans’ pockets – instead of lining the pockets of Washington, D.C.
  • According to the Montana Department of Revenue, nearly 99% of Montanans will see a tax cut under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts.
  • On average, Montanans will keep $1,600 of their hard-earned money.
  • It eliminates Obamacare’s individual mandate poverty tax, which has cost Montanans nearly $7.8 million.