KMMS: EPA Adds Montana For Targeted Superfund Sites

Senator Steve Daines just made the statement that the Environmental Protection Agency include both Montana’s Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area and Anaconda Co. Smelter Superfund sites that need immediate and intense attention. The administrator Scott Pruitt is targeting places in the United States for his list of places that should be represented. This comes in response to a letter Senator Daines sent to Pruitt urging the agency to not forget Montana

“By including the Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area and Anaconda Co. Smelter sites among the EPA’s targeted Superfund sites, these sites will now receive the attention, focus and prioritization that these communities deserve,” said Daines. “With an additional sixteen National Priority List sites still in Montana, I will continue to work with the EPA to clean up these sites more expeditiously and safely.”

The EPA met Daines’ request in its Superfund Task Force report.