ABC Fox Montana: Daines Returns from Security, Trade Mission to South Korea, Taiwan

Senator Steve Daines returns from a two-day trip to South Korea and then to Taiwan.

Senator Daines told ABCFOX Montana the trip to South Korea overall was a success.

He helped to expand the markets for Montana products.

Also, he got a first-hand look at the nuclear threat of North Korea.

First from the air, Senator Steve Daines hopped aboard a Blackhawk helicopter to the Korean demilitarized zone looking into North Korea.

“It was chilling you see face to face the threat. It makes us that much more grateful for the men and women, who put their lives in harm’s way, every day defending our country,” said Daines.

He added he wanted to see for himself the challenges the military faces being so close to North Korea.

“It is a crisis that’s affecting the entire world. Seeing the United Nations and Security Council with unanimous support. Adapting strong resolutions targeting North Korea,” said Daines.

Behind closed doors, he met with top military brass from South Korea and the United States to better understand the strength of security along one of the world’s most hostile borders.

“The Behaviors they exhibit launching missiles over Japanese airspace twice in September alone. Unacceptable and we need to ensure they are not allowed to continue to destabilize regional and world peace,” said Daines.

Next, his mission was to enhance trade with 96% of the world’s population outside of the U.S; Senator Steve Daines said trade is a critical part of Montana’s economy.

He is proud to announce Taiwan just signed a multi-billion-dollar agricultural trade agreement with the U.S of which Montana specifically will benefit.

“On the trade front given how important these markets are for our Montana cattle producers as well as wheat,” said Daines.

Along with Montana beef and wheat, the Junior Senator said they also discussed potentially opening up the markets to Montana coal, which he added will only continue to strengthen their relationship.  

Daines said he will continue cultivating the relationships between Montana, Taiwan, and South Korea to expand trade opportunities and create more good-paying jobs and keep our country safe.