Daines Announces $1,767,900 in Funding for the Montana Migrant Council in Billings



U.S. SENATE — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced $1,767,900 in funding for the Montana Migrant Council to provide improved continuity of care, mobile services to rural locations and increased access to affordable care. 

“Montana’s Community Health Centers provide reliable access to affordable healthcare close to home,” Daines stated. “This additional funding will help the people of Billings, and other communities, to see improved primary care services.”


Carol Townsend, CEO Montana Migrant Council, Inc: “For a statewide program, this is pertinent funding in order to continue access to primary health care for ag workers in Montana and Wyoming.”

The Department of Health and Human Services awarded grants to:

  • Billings: Montana Migrant Council, Inc.: $1,767,900





Contact: Marcie KinzelKatie Waldman