ABC Fox Montana: Sen. Daines writes letter in support of child welfare

GREAT FALLS – Sen. Steve Daines released a letter Sunday seeking help for child welfare.

Daines’ letter shed light on the statistic that 14 Montana children died within a year of abuse reports. 11 of these children were under the age of two, according to the Department of Justice Child Fatality Review Report. 

The senator urged state leaders such as Gov. Steve Bullock to pursue foster care and welfare reforms during this legislative session. Daines also discussed the increase in recent years of Montana children in foster care as well as the history of drug and alcohol abuse found in 12 of the 14 reported cases. 

His letter concludes, “I look forward to monitoring your work during your legislative session to improve Montana’s child welfare system so that the safety and dignity of every vulnerable child in Montana is prioritized and protected.” 


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