Daines Slams FCC’s Overregulation of Small Businesses

BOZEMAN, Mont. — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today slammed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for failing to relieve small businesses of burdensome regulations found in the FCC’s 317-page “net neutrality” rules.

The FCC failed to extend a small business exemption to the so-called “enhanced transparency requirements,” which requires internet service providers to disclose an excess of information about their network performance, some of which may require investing in new equipment and hiring an engineer. 

“The FCC’s decision to subject small businesses to the enhanced transparency rules purely for political reasons is inexcusable,” Daines stated. “These small businesses are run by hardworking Americans who provide essential services and create jobs. These businesses will now be subject to an excess of new regulations due to a baseless decision by unelected bureaucrats.”

The small business exemption has strong bipartisan support, the House of Representatives voted in favor of the exemption 411-0. The exemption is also supported by the Small Business Administration. 

Daines has long advocated for a small business exemption to the enhanced transparency requirements. Last year, Daines introduced the Small Business Broadband Deployment Act, which would have made the exemption permanent. He also led a bipartisan, bicameral effort urging the FCC to take action before the existing exemption expired.