ABC Fox: Response Team Formed for Aquatic Invasive Species

Even though these mussel species have been found they can not reproduce in the cold temperatures. So Fish Wildlife and Parks along with Governor Steve Bullock and Senator Steve Daines will have time to create a response plan to stop the spread of the mussels. 

Governor Bullock released an Executive Order Wednesday calling for an inter-agency response of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and Fish Wildlife and Parks. Thursday a meeting was held to answer questions from the public and continue making plans to stop the species from spreading. 

“Over the past month this situation has escalated in complexity, and as its escalated in complexity its not just a biological complexity but a social, and potentially a ecological, and economical impact, all of that ramps up in complexity so it was obviously time to bring in something like the rapid response team.” said Greg Lemon the Information Bureau Chief for FWP. 

Now Senator Steve Daines is also working towards bringing aid to Montana with the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers specifically for water craft inspections. 

The response team had a meeting Thursday and have put restrictions on boat launches and removals from the Tiber Dam and Canyon Ferry Lake.