KUMV: Sen. Steve Daines on 13-city tour of Eastern Mont. to discuss issues with communities

SIDNEY, MT – A Montana U.S. Senator is traveling more than 600 miles across Eastern Montana to learn about the different issues communities are facing. 

As the general election nears, the United States Senate is in recess, which allows Senator Steve Daines, (R-Mont.) to hit the road. It’s a 13-city tour in just three days, and the mission is simple.

“Listening to the concerns of the people here in Eastern Montana,” says Daines.

Wednesday, Daines was in Montana’s Sunrise City. He met with multiple law enforcement officials to discuss their needs. Topics ranged from how to combat continuing criminal activity in the Bakken, to why it’s important for the temporary FBI presence to be made permanent. 

“It’s very important. They have a lot of resources that aren’t available to local law enforcement. It gives us an opportunity to work well with those federal agencies,” says John Dynneson, Richland County Sheriff. 

The FBI program in Sidney is set to expire next year. Wednesday, Daines sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey asking to keep the FBI in Sidney. 

“To make sure he knows how I feel having an agent present right here in Sidney,” says Daines. 

Daines also met with local sugar beet growers and learned more about the Sidney Sugars Operation. 

“Things in Washington D.C that might get lost, Senator Daines has listened to our MonDak Sugar Beet Growers Association and listens to the sugar companies and helped us out where we needed help,” says Duane Peters, Sidney Sugars Agriculture Manager. 

Growers also talked about the importance of the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project’s planned fish bypass. Daines says he is monitoring that issue closely. 

“We want to make sure our farmers here have an affordable, reliable source of water,” says Daines. 

Ten cities down, only three to go. Community leaders looking to solve problems hope Washington has the answers. 

Daines will finish his tour tomorrow in Ashland.